All of Us Research Hub

ASU makes All of Us Research Hub accessible to researchers with a new institutional data use agreement.

The All of Us Research Hub, part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) All of Us Research Program, stores health data from a diverse group of participants in the All of Us research program. The Research Hub has tiered levels of access to participant data that incorporate strict data use policies. Tiers are available from aggregated, anonymized data summaries to more participant-level data sets. There is a wide variety of data types, including survey responses, measurements, biosamples, electronic health records (EHRs), and mobile health device data from participants who are healthy as well as those experiencing illness. The All of Us Research Hub also provides a workbench of useful tools for exploring the data.

ASU has an agreed institutional data use agreement with All of Us, which permits ASU researchers to apply directly for access to this incredible pool of health data. Researchers can apply for access through the All of Us Research Hub website.

Check out the Research Data Management website for more health data resources.

Published October 26, 2021