Research Computing

Research Computing enables research, accelerates discovery and spurs innovation at Arizona State University through the application of advanced computational resources to grand challenges in science, engineering and health. Our team of systems professionals, architects, scientific software engineers and research facilitators, offers technical consulting and services to our research community in all areas of computing, including parallel computing, big data analytics, scientific visualization, high-speed networking and cybersecurity.

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Training and workshops

Each semester, Research Computing’s Carpentries-certified instructors offer more than a dozen technical workshops geared toward every level of user.

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ASU Research Computing supports over 1,200 software modules representing over 500 applications, including more than 130 Python environments. Some of our most popular software applications include:

  • Matlab.
  • Python with Juypter, including tensorflow, numpy, scipy and pandas.
  • R and RStudio, including many packages such as tidyverse and bioinformatics tools and other statistical packages such as sas and stata.
  • Domain-specific packages, such as LAMMPS, WRF, GATK, Rosetta and Gromacs.

Supercomputer access through the web

Accessing Research Computing resources is easier than ever with our web app. After connecting to the VPN and logging into the web app, you’ll be able to manage your data and files, create and monitor jobs, use a terminal, view and manage interactive sessions, launch modern interfaces like a virtual desktop, Jupyter, MATLAB, or RStudio, and so much more!