New research data policy

Research Data Management and Access Policy

In 2013, the Office of Science and Technology Policy issued a memorandum requiring federal agencies with more than $100M in research funding each year put in place plans to ensure public access to the “direct results of federally funded scientific research”. The memo directed that these results included both peer-reviewed publications and digital data. Those agencies, many benefactors, and journals now expect publicly accessible research data products to be an output from research grants. One example of this expectation is the National Institutes of Health implementing its own data sharing policy in January 2023.

Arizona State University is committed to ensuring that we develop a culture of open science and scholarship. Consequently, we believe now is the time to implement an explicit data management and access policy that details how we should manage, publish, and preserve the data for which we are the stewards.

ASU personnel, in collaboration with colleagues from NAU an UA, have prepared a draft policy document. We wish to collect feedback on this policy from faculty and staff conducting research at the university. There is a four-week comment period during which all faculty and research personnel are encouraged to review the draft policy and comment using the survey link. These comments will be reviewed and, where possible, thoughtfully considered. Our goal is to approve and implement this policy by 1/1/2023.

Feedback on the draft policy can be submitted here. The feedback form breaks the policy into its constituent parts and you are welcome to comment on any or all parts of the policy.

The full policy in its draft form is available here if you wish to review alongside the feedback form.

The definitions used in the policy are available here for your reference.  

Comments received

Comments received and collated will be posted here after the comment period closes.