Research data resources

Research data resources

There are resources available across the university to help researchers successfully complete their research and make their data discoverable and accessible. Expert personnel can provide programming support, spatial data expertize and advice on where and how to publish research data.

Repository options

Researchers can choose to publish data at ASU or, if appropriate, with a discipline-focused data repository.

  • – re3data is a searchable registry of research data repositories. It contains detailed information on more than 2000 data repositories and is an excellent way to identify which repository might be best for your type of research data.
  • ASU Research Data Repository – The university library provides a data repository for all ASU produced research products. Submitting your data here will ensure they are properly curated and preserved.

ASU Library services

  • Research data services – The ASU Library provides support for data management planning and sharing, open access and open data publishing, copyright and rights management.

Technical research services

  • Data Science and Analytics support – The Unit for Data Science and Analytics at ASU Library supports research activities in machine learning, data analytics, visual storytelling, network analysis, and text and data mining.
  • Geospatial Hub at the ASU Library – The ASU Library has geospatial experts available to assist students and faculty with their GIS needs.
  • Geospatial support – The Geospatial Research and Solutions Lab in the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning provides fee-based services ranging from creating a map for an article through to geospatial web applications.
  • ASU Research Computing – The Research Computing team in Knowledge Enterprise Development provides state of the art computing clusters to support research activities that require high performance computing power.

Data management plans

  • DMPTool – The DMPTool is a service provided by the California Digital Library, UC system. It supports the on-line creation of data management plans that can then be downloaded for inclusion in a proposal.

Data use agreements

  • ASU investigators wishing to access third-party data via a data use agreement should contact Research Administration to help navigate that process. Research Adminitration negotiates data use agreements on behalf of ASU and will assist with ensuring the agreement meets ASU’s requirements as well as those of the source institution.