Secure research services

Arizona State University supports secure research services for investigators working with sensitive data. The Research Technology Office, through campus partnerships and collaborations with vendors and sister institutions, provides secure storage options, private-cloud computing facilities and support for collecting and managing human subjects data.

KE Secure Cloud

Knowledge Enterprise, maintains a secure research environment to support researchers working with sensitive data. KE Secure Cloud provides a technology infrastructure that facilitates academic research into areas that require the analysis of sensitive or restricted data. The platform includes both storage and compute resources and is highly partitioned to ensure project integrity.

Requests for access to the KE Secure Cloud are reviewed internally to ensure that the research meets the criteria. At this stage additional approvals may be required and other internal processes (e.g. IRB) may need to be completed. If the data required for the research are being requested from a third party such as a health department, approved requests will be submitted to the data owner for their approval. When all approvals are received, Knowledge Enterprise technical staff will work with the researcher to create a secure compute and data space with the appropriate capacity and software.

Contact the Research Data Management Office for more information.