Research Data Management

Data management services available through the Research Technology Office, in partnership with the ASU Library, can help you manage the collection, analysis, curation, publication and preservation of your research data products.

The Research Data Management Office will connect you with the technology teams that can service even complex project requirements. A team of research data experts provides support throughout the research data lifecycle from creation through to preservation.

Our research data services portfolio includes:

  • Consultancy — We provide advice on the potential technology needs for your project and identify the support services you need as you develop your proposal and get started on your project.
  • Data Management Plan (DMP) preparation — We provide guidance on the content needed to produce a high-quality data management plan.
  • Electronic Research Notebooks — We have the perfect research information management system to help you manage your research activities. Creating an account is easy and the ASU Library will provide training to help you and your colleagues get the most from it. Learn more about Electronic Research Notebooks.
  • Access to ORCID — your own permanent research identifier that stays with you throughout your research career. Learn more about ORCID.
  • Service coordination — We support you through the life of your grant.

Learn more about Research Data Management

Preserving the products of your research

Federal funding agencies now expect researchers to preserve and make available field observations, specimens or other materials collected, computer software, simulation models, imagery and metadata (information about these data). Together, these research outputs will become the datasets that underpin peer-reviewed articles, book chapters and other publications. Successfully meeting our publication commitments will strengthen future grant proposals. Our goal is to ensure we help to meet these expectations as a matter of course.