Research Editing

The ASU Knowledge Enterprise provides faculty with free, confidential editing for grant proposals and journal manuscripts.

Thank you for your thorough edit and your quick turnaround on my grant proposal. I was very impressed with how you improved the flow and reader-friendliness of the proposal and overall made the arguments so much clearer, tighter, and stronger.

Dr. Trinh, CBIE

Proposal editing services

  • Editing for logic, clarity, and coherency
  • Suggestions for improving organization and flow.
  • Proofreading for grammatical issues.
  • Checking author responses to reviewers’ comments, if resubmitting.

We anticipate that we are the last stop before submission, and that co-PIs and co-authors have had the opportunity to approve the submitted draft. We appreciate documents in a Word file, and at least a five-day window, but we do our best to accommodate special circumstances.

Thank you for the feedback and helpful edits. The grant is in excellent shape. You did an amazing job.

Dr. Pina, Psychology

Journal article editing services

  • Editing for logic, clarity, and consistency.
  • Improving organization and overall flow.
  • Proofreading for accuracy.
  • Editing author response to editorial review.

Manuscripts are edited on a rolling basis, as grant proposals take priority.  The average turnaround for journals is 15 business days. Graduate students first authoring a journal manuscript should seek editorial help through the Graduate Writing Center.

I finally had time to go through all of your feedback in greater detail. I wanted to say again how much I appreciate your feedback. It was incredibly thorough. You pushed my thinking on the paper, and it is in much better shape now. I just wanted to share how valuable your feedback was for the next iteration of the manuscript. So, thank you, again!

Dr. Ross MLF